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Arousibility site started out as a personal blogging site, but over time it grew into so much more.

We cover many topics ranging from general sex ed, sex and accessibility, self-care, to how to have sex with specific conditions. At Arousibility, we don’t shy away from the taboo, we embrace it. We also very much enjoy picking apart sex toys to look at just how accessible (or usually how inaccessible) they are, and we love showing that accessibility doesn’t stop at outdoor ramps – it’s usually in the little things you forget about.

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All About Ruby

Hello! I’m Ruby Rousson. I am a queer disabled British writer, sex worker, and sex educator who’s the founder and writer of Arousibility, Parlour Talk and The Ruby Umbrella.

Through Arousibility I want people to become educated on all the nuances about sex that aren’t taught in school because sex is not simple. Disabled sex is also not taught at all, you have to figure it out and that can quite literally be painful and embarrassing – especially if you’re newly disabled and figuring it out with someone who has no time to be patient or understanding.

Sex is chaotic, messy, and really not straightforward. TV, movies and even porn show sex to be a smooth transition from one activity to another, with no mishaps, pain or problms – real-life sex is anything but! Sometimes you’re with a partner that is particularly chronically fatigued that day, sometimes you’ve got to navigate over sensitised nerves,  and sometimes you realise you’re allergic to the lube you’ve just put in your vagina – these are all my past experiences. There’s not enough advice for people like me out there (disabled with multiple chronic illnesses), so I decided to do what I have a habit of doing and create what’s missing.

No one is taught how to have sex with a disability or chronic illness, you just have to figure it out – usually with no help from doctors. I want Arousibility to become a place where people can figure out how to give blow jobs with jaw pain, find solidarity that sometimes sex hurts, or know that hearing loss CAN impact bedroom adventures.


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