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    Mansplain it to me again and add a cute cat.

    There are many important things we need to raise awareness for in the world, and an awareness campaign doesn’t always become as popular as some companies hope. However, the ultimate goal is to still produce something that is supportive, informative, educates, fun, none-offensive and inclusive. When myGPapp launched their cervical cancer campaign ‘My Cat’ to remind people they need to…

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    8 Tips to Have Sex with POTs – POTs and Sex Positions

    The lighted headiness, the loss of balance, the blackouts, and moments of confusion. If you suffer from postural tachycardia as I do, then you know these symptoms can occur during the most inconvenient times. One of these moments is during sex sometimes, leading to a moment of slight embarrassments. At times I’ve laid in bed and jokingly said to my…