Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

A handy guide to Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021! Get the best toys at cheap prices.3 min

Sex Toy Sales and Deals

This post will be updated as more deals are announced.

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Links to Sales

Some deals aren’t live yet, but once they are they’ll show up. 


The Lovehoney logo. Thin purple text, but the 'o' in Lovehoney is a pink heart with a curl cut out where the dip of the heart would be.Sale Ends November 30th

Shop Lovehoney UK Black Friday Sections

Top Picks

Best Deals

Not in the UK? 

Hot Octopuss

Sale Ends November 30th

Betty’s Toy Box

Sale Ends November 29th


Sale Ends ?


Sale Ends ?


Sale Ends December 04, 2021


Sale Ends December 4th 


Sale Ends ?

  • 20% Off and Free Shipping
  • Read my review of the X, and comparison of the X vs S.


Sale Ends ?


Sale Ends ?


The SHEVIBE logo. An image of SHEVIBE in all capital letters, outlined in a thin black line with a light dull yellow interior and a deep red exterior, but that red only extends downwards. Within that red outer-line, the is the text 'SHEVIBE.COM Vibe Responsibly'.


  • Always a good idea to check their clearance page!

Peepshow Toys

The PeepShow Toys logo. Plain black text, PeepShow is loopier text, whereas TOYS is both in all caps and sans serif.

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