ElectraStim Axis Unboxing and First Impressions

ElectraStim very kindly gave me this to review, and I am very much looking forward to reviewing it!8 min


Hello. Hello. Hello. We’re going to do another first look. And today we have the Axis. You can see my lights by ElectraStim. ElectraStim very kindly gave me this to review, and I am very much looking forward to reviewing it. I have been saving it. I’ve been ill for a good couple of months. I’ve not had to have the energy to do anything really. So I’ve been saving it. And since I’m doing these first looks at the moment, I thought it’d be a good contender. We can both crack into this together and have a look. I’m just going to hopefully get some scissors. Do I have scissors? No, but I have a pen that I’m going to break it. I am the worst for leaving scissors and not finding them again. There we go. I love that the you know vac’s sealed so you know no one’s getting into your toy, but it’s these things that in packaging annoy me the most. I know it’s necessary. I know, but it hurts. I’m not going to lie.

It’s been a full-on day of showering, doing my sparkly nails and makeup. And that’s all it takes for my body to… I mean, it takes us to that. I can wake up hurting, so something like opening that hurts. That’s not a negative against it. That’s just a new perspective. So we have the Axis with… I’m really looking forward to these. These are kind of the hands-free modes. So you could spank someone, have a pad on, and they’d feel it. Oh, looking forward to that. Taking electro sex to the next level. I’m pretty sure they are going to take electro sex to the next level. So in here we have a storage case, which is excellent. The main device, the stimulator, the belt clip, the… Let’s be professional about this, the USB charger and sync cable, the head line-in cable, output cable, and electro conductive pads.

Also includes a quick start guide free warranty, extension, and registration card. Right. How do we get in? Oh, right. It just is a flip box. I like these boxes the most. They’re the most practical. Oh, this is nice no in store packaging. Just perfect. Love it. It does smell a bit, but then it’s a new toy that hasn’t been opened. So, hasn’t been getting any air to it. It’s been sealed. Ooh, shiny, shiny, shiny. Let’s see, shall we? Let’s take out the main console. This is light. This is very light. Again, this is wrapped up.

Oh God, I’m going to break us. What I would really love… I don’t know if this is a perforation. Oh, it is. okay. There are little perforated marks. I don’t know if you can see that, but I can… Well, I could do that on the front. Do that and take it off. That’s not too bad. Maybe I could have done that with the main thing. It’s nice. It feels really nice. It’s not going to slide out your hands. No. Is it battery or is it charged? No, I think it’s USB charged. USB charge, that’s awesome because that’s really light. That’s really light. I’m impressed. It seems simple. I mean, obviously, I’m not going to stick it on me now, but I can turn it on. That’s very, it feels like a game console. It feels like I should be playing a game console.

It’s got different modes. So we’ve got channel one and channel two. You can turn them up and down. It is one click to turn off. How do I turn it off? Is it one click to turn on, or is it one click to turn off? oh god Damn. Come on the magic of the camera. Oh, there you go. Okay. So it is. It’s one click to turn off. It is the important things you know that you need to know. You can hear the clicking. I mean, okay. Longer click to turn on, one click to turn off. I prefer mine the other way around. Although I can see why you’d want it that way around. I prefer it one quick to turn on, longer click to turn off, but I can see that you don’t want anyone to accidentally turn it on. But again, the leads aren’t in, and then this I guess is where you want your sensors.

I’m going to turn off now, but that’s cool. I like that. You’ve got your little grippy thing, and then you have all the cables. To be honest, I’m not going to open all these because the smells give me a bit of a headache. It’s also 25 degrees in here. I’m boiling alive, matching my head. I said, I wasn’t going to open it, but I want to show you this. I don’t know what this goes to, but if you can’t see, it’s an Amazon. It’s not an Amazon. It’s a Netflix. I’ll get there Apple. It’s an Apple key. Those of you have an Apple device will be very familiar with this. I guess it goes somewhere. Haven’t a clue where, but I guess it goes somewhere. And then you’ve got your cables, the USB, and things that stick in the thing and make it work. It’s such a concisive.

Such a great reviewer, aren’t I? yeah. Yeah. I think it’s the heat, to be honest. And then, and the little… I really liked this pouch. Then up here, we have our booklets, warranty and our nice sticky back leads. If you’ve ever been to hospital, they have these sort of things. Probably not as pleasurable, but they’re similar. If you’ve had a tens device, e-stim is basically a tens, so it sends electrical signals through to your muscles to contract them if I’m not mistaken. So we have, what’s this a free extended warranty registration. You bet your ass I am doing this. I’m a person that breaks things by looking at them. It’s possible, so I’m going to do that. Very good. I think that’s a penis loop. I might need one of those for reasons. The quick start guide, which I will read later. Actually, I want to know what the Apple thing is used for.

Do not use, I’m going to go over this one because if you are new to e-stim, then there are a lot of places you shouldn’t use e-stim. There are a lot of reasons you shouldn’t use e-stim as well. Some of the reasons might be if you have any kind of heart problem or arrhythmia, if you wear a medical device like a pacemaker or have metallic surgical implants, if you’re pregnant, suffer from epilepsy, if pain exists or you feel unwell, above the waist. The last one is very important. The reason you don’t want to do it above the waist is – because obviously there’s your heart. Here for me. Here for you. And it all runs on electrical currents. What I have learned over the past year is that your body just everything’s to do with neurons and nerves and electricity. What you don’t want to do is mess up the electrical signals around your heart because they could have fatal consequences. You don’t want to do it with the pacemaker because you can interfere with the pacemaker and so on and so forth. So if you are ever playing with e-stim, please be careful. Never do above the waist, always do it below the waist, genitals not nipples. Cool.

I’m going to have, so that’s not that bad in pages. It’s got that and that. That’s not bad. Do they have my least favourite bit of the booklet, which is not for use with persons [inaudible 00:09:25]. No, no medical claims expressed or implied. So they don’t have. They have the do not use. I’m pretty sure they’re perfectly valid reasons. I mean, pain is all to do with neurons, impulses, electricity. So it’s valid. It’s pretty damn valid. This is the one booklet where I don’t mind their warnings. The vast majority of them are do not use if you are mentally or physically disabled half the time. And that really gets on my tits. Here a little card.

I like it. The first impression I like it. I like it lots. I like that it’s quite compact. I like that you can in time take this out, still, store this in there, and you can get all your accessories so you can have butt plugs. You can have loops. You can have even more of the stickers. You can have anal beads. You can have insertable devices that aren’t for the butt. Dildos, that’s what I want. You can have dildos. You can have all sorts of things, and you can store a fair few of, them in here and you can store all your documents, paperwork, and pads up here. I like. I’m not going to start turning it on and doing a live demonstration because it’s half 10 at night. My body’s been through a lot today. It’s been through life. So I’m going to leave it at that. But I really like the carry case. I am a sucker. I’m afraid of sucker, but I’m a sucker for a good carry case.

And for the price point, I mean these retail, I’m pretty sure around 250 pounds. If not, I will correct myself, but it’s a good sturdy case. It’s a good sturdy case. Good zips with nice grips on them. I love that. I love it when zips have nice grips on them because half the time, I can’t grip the damn things. I like that you’ve got a zip compartment up here. I like that there’s not a lot of pomp and circumstance to it. I like that it’s not an Amazon type of thing where you get your thing. And then it’s just like nail polish in a massive box, and then you’ve got to deal with a whole damn box. I like it. I like it a lot, and I can’t wait to try it out. I probably won’t be using it on myself because I will actually pay attention to the health and safety warnings.

I don’t trust my body. I might have a feel of it and just get a feel for how much the lower intensities are. I will probably only use it like on the inner thigh or something, but I’m going to have a lot of fun playing with it and I’m looking forward to playing with it. And when I have had fun playing with it, I will write my review on my blog, eveadler.com and tell you how easy it is to use, how accessible it is, and how much you like it. It’s a bit warm. I mean, my brain’s not working properly. It’s a bit warm.

So what is Axis? Axis is a high spec, short output electro sex stimulator. And it’s the first in the world to incorporate multi-input sensors for a truly customizable e-stim experience. Control Axis with the tactile buttons, a flick of your wrist, a wave of your hand, the sound of your voice, or even proximity or your partner’s body. Axis gives you the freedom to control your electro play your way. The only limit is your imagination. I like that, 15 intensity levels for output. You can team it with the smallest or largest electro sex tip. You can team it with the smallest or largest electro-sex accessories. You use two bipolar or four unipolar accessories sold separately, and a bunch of other different devices. It’s groundbreaking technology. It’s got some fancy words there. Some fancy, fancy words. I’m going to put this here.

It is finally eco-friendly, which I like. I mean, it makes sense with the smaller packaging and this being recyclable. Environmentally conscious and incorporates an external USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which not only makes it cheap to run but will provide three to eight hours of play from a single charge. Very nice. I like that it’s not having batteries in it. And last it’s user updatable. Periodic updates to the embedded firmware of Axis, which will add features patterns and more. User will be able to perform this update at home using a PC or laptop or Mac.

Awesome. I like. awesome, brilliant, cool. It’s warm. Here are my first impressions. I like it. I’m excited to use it. I think it will be fun. I’m going to have fun figuring out. Normally what happens with me and controllers is I get a bit sadistic. That probably won’t happen here. Maybe, definitely, but I like it. Overall it sounds great. To be honest, it sounds like an amazing piece to add to my collection, and I’m really excited to use it. I’ve not been this excited to use a toy in quite some time.

I’m really intrigued by the proximity and the gesture because if someone has accessibility problems, hello myself, it could be great. It could be great. I had a little test of it. A couple of years ago, I wrote a column, and I was really impressed with it before. This is my first proper look at ElectraStim, One of their toys. I’ve had the Jimmy Jane one. I’ll put a link to it down below. I kind of said that I like, then toasted marshmallows and danced around the fire in that review. It was not great. So I’m excited to see what something actually decent will do. I’m excited. I’m really excited to try it out. As soon as I do, I’ll let you know on my Twitter, but for now, I’ve got some toys to play with. Bye.

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