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Lovehoney: 10 Stocking Fillers Under £10

10 Stocking Fillers

… I couldn’t resist posting this early. Here is the second part of 10 Stocking Fillers Under £10, this time for Lovehoney! If you missed the first one it was for Ann Summers, and over the next few weeks, you’ll see more of these pop up for Amazon, , , and more.

1. Love Light Glow In The Dark Condoms (3 Pack) £4.99

Let me ask you this, whether fake or real, who doesn’t want a glow in the dark penis?!

2. Lovehoney Oh! Thriller Spinner Foreplay Game £7.99

If you’re always misplacing dice, a  spinning wheel is a fun, and simple solution. It’s also a great choice to inspire some new bedroom antics.

3. Lovehoney Oh! Satin Blindfold £5.99

If you’ve never experienced the heightened sensation that comes from being blindfolded, Day is a good time to try something new.

4. Lovehoney Black Tape £6.99

Bondage tape can be used in a number of different ways. Whilst it can be used for its named use – tying someone up, you can also use it to wrap yourself up in a fancy dress. Think of it a bit like clingfilm, it only sticks to itself, and you’ll have a hard time finding the end of the tape.

Bonus: Lovehoney Bondage Tape was my first review for this blog!

5. Mojo Pro Original Desire Pheromone Bath Bomb 130g £7.99

I’m not entirely sure about the properties of pheromones, but a relaxing bath bomb is always a good idea. If your bath is big enough, try taking a couple’s bath!

6. Lovehoney Oh! Feather Tickler £6.99

Sensation play is a powerful aphrodisiac, and this feather tickler might be small, but it will leave your tingling.

7. BASICS Powerful Mini 5 Inch £7.99

Small, sleek, and slimline. Great if you’re new to toys that vibrate. Just don’t use it for anal – always used a flared base if anything is going up your bum!

8. Lube Tube Applicator Syringe £7.99

This lube tube applicator syringe might be hard to wrap, but these applicators are a great way to prepare for any insertion play.

9. Lovehoney Oh! 52 Weeks of Role Play £7.99

If you need a little bedroom inspiration, these 52 cards could be it.

10. Lovehoney All Nighter Couples’ Christmas Crackers (2 Pack) £9.99

Who doesn’t love to pull a cracker? Bonus, if you carefully unravel the crackers, you should be able to personalise the crackers!

Side note: according to one LH review, these crackers don’t contain the ‘snap’ that makes the cracking noise. If you’re sound sensitive, these might be the perfect crackers for you.

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