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Tantus Goddess Handle

Tantus Goddess Handle 

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It was a surprise to receive the Tantus Goddess Handle in the post because I had no indication I would receive a toy to review. Nevertheless, one sunny weekend a few weeks ago a very large package came into my life, and no it wasn’t the Gent coming home from work, that would be an extra-large package. 

What struck me upon opening the package, after It’s opened the Gent’s, was the sheer amount of waste. Whereas some parcels I receive are packed full to the brim, there was such an excess of space in the box. When you bring the actual box of the Tantus Goddess Handle into it, it’s another thing entirely. 

Basics of the Tantus Goddess Handle

  • Cost: $60.53
  • Materials: 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone
  • Size: 1.5inches across, 6.5inches of insertable length, and 10.75inches total.
  • Recommended Lube: Water Based

First Use

Yet another purple toy! Rejoice. Soon I’ll own so many purple toys that I’ll struggle to tell them all apart, but that’s a problem for future me. For those not as enthusiastic about purple, you’re out of luck. All I can see is a ‘midnight purple’ option on their website. 

Upon first use, after I used it as a dildo sword against the Gent, the Tantus Goddess Handle definitely took some getting used to. It’s big, deceptively so, and as my cervix is rather low at the moment (I’m writing a future post on that) it wasn’t a match made in heaven. From time to time I was a tad too enthusiastic … I essentially punched my cervix with the Tantus Goddess Handle on too many times for comfort. It’s not something I recommend doing. However, if your vaginal canal can handle the 6.5inches of rather firm insertable length, this is a great toy for you.  


All dildos must come with a handle. That’s it, I’ve been ruined. The handle is such a useful part of the toy, and I never want a toy without one again. There was no grasping at the Tantus Goddess Handle attempting to find a bit of the toy to thrust with, and nor did it slip out of my hands thanks to the matt handle. It’s an excellent feature, and the main reason I wanted to try this toy. 

Whilst the handle sort of sticks to the table when I slam it down, it’s not got a suction cup base, which is fine by me. The Tantus Goddess Handle is also not going to fit in a strap on harness. Though, that’s to be expected given the girth of the base.

I really love the curves in the toy. The silicon is firm, so you can feel them. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to as I usually don’t feel textured toys unless it is really pronounced, but I was proved pleasantly wrong. The Tantus Goddess Handle is also rather bendy, whilst being firm so you can bend the toy towards you to find the angle that’s right for you.

Positives of the Tantus Goddess Handle

  • Body-Safe Materials: Nowadays I don’t play with jelly toys, so all the toys I test are at the minimum body safe. Tantus have their own brand of  Ultra-Premium Silicone which makes it easy to clean. According to the website, it’s: “Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Hygienic, Boilable, Bleachable and Dishwasher Safe”. However, you will never get this toy smudge, fingerprint, or lint-free – as you can see. As with many silicone toys, it attracts lint like a magnet.  
  • The Handle: I can’t express how much I love a handle on a sex toy and a handle that isn’t shiny! It’s something I can grip even with a bit of lube on my hands. That’s definitely a first for me. The handle made using the toy easier as my arms didn’t tire as easily – they did eventually, but I got a lot more play in than expected. 
  • Packaging: Don’t get me wrong, I have more to say about the packaging soon, but what I’ve always liked about Tantus is that their packaging isn’t garish. It’s subtle and colourful. 

Negatives of the Tantus Goddess Handle

  • Packaging: Oh boy, the packaging. Just look at it! There’s so much of it, and it’s so unnecessary. There’s no need for the excess plastic around the toy, and the plastic doesn’t even fit the toy. It rattles around inside the box something silly. The box itself isn’t a straightforward flip open, so I tore into it and became more confused when I saw perforated edges. Now, others might be fine with this style of opening, however, I am not. It took far too much effort to get into. Just give me a simple box!
  • Not a Girthy Toy: From time to time, I’m a bit of a size queen. Whilst the Tantus Goddess Handle delivers in length, it does feel a bit lacking in girth.
  • A Bit Too Firm: As mentioned above, I bashed my cervix with the Tantus Goddess Handle a few times. I’ve experienced softer silicone toys that have knocked my cervix without feeling the need to scramble up the bed away from the toy. This isn’t one of those. If you prefer soft silicone, stay away from this one.


The long handle, ridges, and change in texture means that the Tantus Goddess Handle rates pretty good in terms of accessibility if you need something with a little more grip. The handle is long enough and flexible enough to bend slightly so you can angle it in a way that suits you. However, the firmness can be a downside for some.  

You knew it was coming as it’s littered throughout this review, but the packaging is my biggest negative. It’s annoyingly difficult to get into the Tantus Goddess Handle. Once you’re in you have to deal with a mass of packaging to get rid of that is hard, has a lot of edges, and is finicky.  Conclusion

If the Tantus Goddess Handle was made from softer silicon, with a bit more girth, and way less packaging, this would be one of my dream dildos. Alas, it is not. I feel I must mention that even though it’s a pretty lightweight dildo considering the size, it has a good grip, and it’s purple … I still can’t fathom the decision behind the packaging. 

You can pick up the Tantus Goddess Handle from a number of online stores, including Tantus.  The Tantus Goddess Handle was provided by Tantus in exchange for an honest review.


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