#SoSS Roundup for May: Let’s get pensive.

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#SoSS May Roundup

If you don’t know what #SoSS is, it is a way for sex bloggers to circumvent Twitter’s shadow banning of our content. Each Saturday (*coughs* or one Saturday a month) sex bloggers share posts that they like in a way to spread the love. Make sure you check out the hashtag!

I love the idea of #SoSS, but I know there’s no way I can read, put out, and write at least one post a week. My workaround is that I’m going to break it down and do one SoSS a month.

This month I’m focusing on topics this month that make me feel thoughtful. Some are topics I wish I could write about but don’t have the words for, some are topics that make me feel odd when I really think about them in-depth, and some are thought-provoking.

Girl on the Net Incels and entitlement: something’s wrong with our men.

Kicking it off, I learned about incles one night and fell down the ‘incel’ black hole – as I’m going to call it. It was like the phenomena of watching a car crash you just can’t look away – for one, what the hell is happening, and two, how what why … just no! This pretty much sums up my feelings on incels in the like. I did write a small piece on it here – where GotN covers sex workers and a bit more on my take.

Wriggly Kitty Having an IUD Fitted

I love this one purely because I had a bad experience having an IUD fitted, so it’s lovely to see someone have a positive fitting experience.

Formidable Femme When Do I Get to Celebrate My Fat Body?

It’s raw, honest, and I can relate to a lot of it. I’ve spent a lot of my life not believing the image in the mirror, and actively rejecting it. I’ve been influenced by a lot of very loud, very negative opinions, and it has an impact. Beautiful piece.

Not Just Bitchy It’s Okay To Be Shy

This is a post from 2017, but I got caught up in the blog and had to include it here (rebel, I know). As a fellow shy person, I found myself nodding along to this piece.

Ace in The Hole The Art Of Checking In: Make Your Relationship Better One Week At A Time

Communication is my go-to buzz word for relationship articles, however, I realise I’m guilty of forgetting. Especially on bad weeks. This is a lovely post that serves as a reminder of just how valuable communication is between partners. It also means I might sit the Gent across a table, and quiz him … it’s happened a few times before – he usually puts up with it with a bemused smile on his face.

I’m afraid that’s it for this month! The warmth of May got to me, so I’ve been in what I like to call ‘cold hibernation’. In all honesty, last month is a bit of a blur except heat, and the random bout of thunder, so I’m hoping this slight rest will give me time to catch up on some fabulous articles.

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