Sweet dreams from my scheming vagina.

Sweet dreams from my scheming vagina.

There are times when I’m horny, and then there are times where I’m horny. 

This week, all week long, I’ve been horny. I’ve been that horny I’ve had four blissful in my sleep, and many more whilst awake. And yet, I still want more. 

I’m at the point where I want to jump my partner (not literally, that would end in an A&E trip) multiple times a day, the desire is in some ways painful.  

It almost feels like the of arousal. One minute I want raw, carnal sex, and the next I want soft, snuggly that culminates in lots of cuddles. The opposition continues into my  habits. I’m stuck between a slim toy that gives gentle vibrations, and the powerhouse of the Doxy, and the biggest toy I own. My body is a breathing mess of contradictions. 

You see, my arousal spikes from time to time, and when it does it’s a nice, welcoming feeling. But, it doesn’t normally skyrocket like this. It doesn’t often feel like my vagina has a mind of its own, and won’t shut up until it gets what it wants – it’s demanding like that.

Problem is, I don’t know what to give it. Sometimes, I masturbate to tire myself out, but at the moment is having the opposite effect – after orgasming, my cunt clenches, and demands more. As a person with a problematic body there are only so many times I can make myself orgasm before it’s ‘unsafe’ to masturbate more.

There’s also the slight ‘problem’ that I’m a mental masturbator. To be anywhere close to even being in a sexual mood I have to be mentally aroused, and mentally stimulated. Years ago, that was pretty easy, nowadays not so much. However, this week, it’s like there’s constantly on a floating projector throughout my mind. Granted, the delightfully smutty, filthy FanFiction I’m currently reading isn’t quite helping matters. 

All of this is to say, my body is primed, my filthy mind won’t shut up, and my demanding vagina is going to dehydrate itself into an early grave.

For now, I’m off to bed. Maybe one more will do the trick.

Masturbation Monday

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