Unboxing and first impressions of the Sola Sync wand!

It's been touted to it as one of the most accessible ones. It's got an external controller.7 min


Hi, and I’m regretting my choice already. For some reason, past me thought it would be a great idea to wear a big bulky jumper. We’re at like 25, 26 degrees. So, let’s do this before I pass out. Shall we?

I am a writer, blogger, sex worker, freelancer and all told, Jack of all trades. Welcome to my YouTube channel. Today, I’m going to have a look at the … it’s a big one. The Sola Sync. Whew. I can’t really fit it. I can’t really fit it on camera. I’m excited to look at this one. It’s been … oh, this is just me breaking the box. Sorry.

It’s been touted to it as one of the most accessible ones. It’s got an external controller. It’s got … oh, you can see it better there. It’s bent. So, you’re not jamming it in your clit. Or that might just be me. It has, let’s see, 10 vibrating functions, rechargeable AC/USB charger. I really wanted to say ACDC. One hour, 20-minute single play, extra-long grip handle. That’s what it’s got. Led indicator, always good. Wireless remote works for up to 40 feet, half or deep vibrations, pure silicone, smooth satin finish, phthalate-free, body-safe, waterproof. Note: Remote controller is not waterproof and is lint-free … oh, lint-free antibacterial storage pouch.

I thought for a second, the actual thing would be lint-free and oh, if they were lint-free that would be amazing. I have so much lint on all my vibrators. Oh, I love this box. I am a sucker for boxes. I really am. Packaging, if it’s pretty, I’m happy. Oh, we have a sticker. $164.99. You can’t see that, but there it is. We have a sticker. It says, Sola in very difficult to see … I don’t really know what that is. Embossed type of thing sticker?

Let’s take the lid off, shall we? Let nature do her thing with a little bit of help. Is this? Oh, mother nature ain’t going to do a thing because of Sellotape there. There we go. It’s not the day for hard manual labour. Wait, there we go. Ooh, pretty. Pretty. Pretty, pretty, pretty. So, we have this. Oh, that’s nice. I love the look about it. It’s bigger here. Moves down here. Oh, this is bendy. Great. You spin me right round baby, right round. I like the colour. Say … I think it’s a purplely type of colour. It seems to be a bit of leaking of the glue or something. Don’t know if you can see that well.

Sometimes these things are charged up a little bit. Sometimes they’re not, which is all good. Oh, is this the charging port? Right. Let’s see what else is in here, shall we? Only to be defeated by – is this is biodegradable? It looks the type to be. We’ll see in a minute. This is the controller. Nice big button. Look at these beauties. Look at the on, off, your up, your down, oh yeah. Yeah. Yes, this is what I want. Okay. Maybe a bit bigger, but this is the type of thing I want all vibrators to come with. I know it’s not feasible, but this would make me very happy. Curious. I’m curious. It’s got a bit of a scratch. But, I’m very curious about it in use. We got a focus?

I like it though. I do like it. Kind of reminds me of the ladle, one of those kitchen things. Not that I’m going to use it in the kitchen. I think this is also slightly pointed, a bit mushroomy. It feels like it’s bigger, yeah, it’s bigger that side. I am intrigued. All right. We have booklets. We have a piece of cardboard and we have two boxes.

There’s one thing I will say that over the years I’ve become not annoyed by, but if you want a place to improve, it just reduces the amount of stuff I have to get rid of. It looks nice, it looks pretty. You know, it’s got the colour, it’s got the branding, but I don’t think it’s necessary. I think if you’ve got this to separate it, maybe just put it in the bag? Or I don’t know. It just feels like it’s too much stuff to get rid of and as someone that… Yeah, it’s just a bag. So, in one of them, we have a bag. And then another one of them, we have the controller, which I need to get a UK one for, but I’ve got ones where you can just plug it in.

I’ve got so many sex toys now I’ve had to invest in a USB charger, USB hubs to charge all my sex toys. It’s like a symphony of sex toys when they’re all charged in. And all right, when they’re all charged in and blinking. Let’s try and set it to music. So we have… And I guess… Yeah, we got that one. And then we’ve got… Ah, yes. Because waterproof. The holes always look so small and then something like this goes in there. Stick it in. All right. Cool. Yeah. Awesome.

I like that. I like that it’s not two different chargers. That would be really annoying. Be hella annoying. So, we have a charger, we have that, we have the device, we have the bag, and then we have a branded American, Canadian, I think it’s American. I’ve watched enough American TV to say that.

And this. This branded? It’s not branded? It’s branded? This is branded. Interesting. I’m curious if it is actually lint-free or is it just put it in, it’ll be free. I like a good bag. I mean, I’m a sucker for a good bag. I might have to get a proper fabric label maker. I just write what sex toys are on them. That would be nice if they could just brand their bags with the name of the sex toy. And then I wouldn’t have to try and figure out.

I’ve got so many sex toys. There’s like four or five boxes. I should show you them all at some time. I’m going to put all of the stuff in there and move this cardboard onto the floor and I want to look at this. First impressions, I like it. It’s interesting. I’ve seen it touted a lot for people who have mobility difficulties, who wants something a little easier. It’s got that separate remote control, which is something I go on about. The buttons are quite nice and big. I’m going to take out after I just put it back in, but the buttons are quite nice and big. They remind me of the Doxy almost. I like how they’re raised. I like how they’re raised and how you can feel what button it is.

So if I’m there, say it’s the middle of the night and I’m horny and I want to have a wank, I can put it on my clit. I could use the low remote control or I can use the buttons. And I can feel the buttons. I can feel that to zero. And you generally know as testing out sex toys where the buttons are going to be. But I like that I can feel them. You know? I like that I can feel them. My fetish is buttons. Okay? Just get that in the world. My fetish is buttons. I’m happy with these buttons.

Let’s have a look at the Sola. I can’t remember who the owner of this toy is. I got it through PeepShow Toys, but I can’t remember who originally designed it. It’s just Sola. Can’t remember. I will put that up on the screen now because I love giving future me loads of work to do. That’s my hobby in life. We’ve got light indicators, we’ve got power, clean and care, save the package, proof of purchase, project [inaudible 00:09:33] or power play something with a similar or equal value, discretion. Five-year global warranty. Nice. And then, it’s Spanish.

I never used to read these because I just kind of go ham and figure it out as I get along. But nowadays, I look for warranties. I look for the should not be used by people with physical disabilities. I’m just slightly salty when I see it, but it’s not in here. And I like it. Oh, the last page of the manual. That’s the warranty information. That’s in Spanish. Great. Oh, the warranty. Right. Okay. So, it’s not going to be… No. Just a warranty. No legal disclaimers, which I like. There could be something more. Could be missing it. Not sure, but I like. I think they could do without… So, you’ve got the main box and then you’ve got this. So, you got the box. I like the box. Nice sturdy box that I will use for other things. Oh, the box has got foamy stuff. This side has got foamy stuff stuck down with some hot glue. And then you’ve got all this.

I don’t like this. Like I said, as someone who… I mean, thankfully I don’t have [inaudible 00:00:11:14], but I go through a lot of cardboard. I don’t like that I go through a lot of cardboard. I would like it if there was a bit less packaging. I don’t think you need a whole box just for your bag. It’s just packaging and packaging. That I will say, I don’t like. I like the texture of this bag. I can see how it could be lint-free. Got a good texture. I am intrigued to see if it will keep it lint-free. There’s already lint on it that’s by my really furry jumper. I’m going to put all in the bag after I keep taking it out. And I’m going round up.

The box, I will keep. It’s not just a sex toy in your face. Woohoo. Sex toy this, sex toy that. It’s perfect for some crafting supplies that I’ve got because I am getting so many of them at the moment. I love it. As I said, it could be a lot less inside. I am excited. Okay? I’m excited to try this toy out. Oh, before I forget, this is good. I mean, this is okay for a display. It’s necessary because there’s nothing like, wow, on the box. You need this. And I’m fine. I’m happy with that. I just wish there was less packaging inside.

Packaging and buttons, those are the two things that I will go on about. But, I like it. I like it. I’m excited to try it. I… What can I say? I mean, I’ve done three of these videos now and all of them are toys that I’m really excited to try. I like orgasms. What can I say? The only things I’m worried about are the head. The head looked quite small for what it was. I like that it’s kind of got big and then small, kind of got your hourglass of a sex toy there. I’m hoping the vibrations don’t travel up the shaft, the handle, but we’ll see. We will see. I’m impressed. You’re going to have fun when I find a toy that I don’t like, but I’m impressed.

Overall, I’m impressed. I look forward to viewing it, following you for watching. If you have a toy in mind that you’d like to see me review, or there’s a genre or [inaudible 00:13:27] in particular like dildo, what have you, if there’s anything you’d like me to talk about, please let me know down below. I’m kind of feeling out what to post on this YouTube channel. Keep in mind that I normally film in bulk. So, you’re always going to see the same makeup mostly. And I’ll see you next time. Bye. Thanks for watching.

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