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Unboxing & First Look at the Zumio S [Video Transcript]

Unboxing & First Look at the Zumio S [Video Transcript]

Hi, and the lovely people from Betty’s Toy Box gave me a Zumio S to review. And I decided, what better way to look at the, uh, accompaniment to my favorite toy, the next generation, on camera. So, let’s have a look at the Zumio S, its nice holographic packaging. Unpacking it for the first time, and first impressions to how it compares to the original Zumio, which is my tried and true favorite, lives by my bedside. It is my go-to for all orgasms. It’s nice, it’s pretty darn lightweight, the buttons could be a bit better. But that’s not about this, it’s about this. Let’s get into it.

I am excited. I heard about this a while back. I- from Betty’s Toy Box, were like, Hey, what do you want to review? I was like, “Oh my God, hi.” So again, holographic. I- I’m a bit of a slut for holographic material. This is not holo, but I have a lot of holo glitters, and it makes me happy, okay? Shame, shame, shame. So, uh, there’s a little sticker on top, which my nemesis … thankfully I have a key here. Ironically, it is a chastity key. That’s not lying, I was just filming other videos.

I can’t- I- I know that, you know, for a reason, but I really hate … oh there you go. I really hate stickers on top of boxes. You kind of need to have them, I get. But they’re my nemesis, they really are. I can never get into them. I’ve hurt myself trying to get into them before, and it’s not just on this. It’s a lot of them have it. And so we have the outer casing of the Zumio box. Which I quite like, apart from the sticker, I quite like. Not gonna lie.

And then we have, same as last time, this one. This is, like, the main box. Open it up. This is the first time I’m seeing it. Oh, shiny. First time I’m seeing it. It does, you know, unsurprisingly, because it’s the S version, look very similar. This is it, in its little box. I will be taking … Is that vibrating? It has the casing. Oh wow, I’m having eye problems, and that, just the top, I don’t know if that will focus. But to me, it looked like it was vibrating. Please tell me I’m not the only one. It definitely looked like it’s vibrating.

I’m going to have to take that out. Oh okay, oh, right. Have they just put a thing on it? Interesting. I’m going to put the box down. I’ll go through the rest of the contents in a second. Interesting. This is generally what happens with a lot of my reviews, I spend a bunch of time poking around the toy. So we have the … Ow. Oh, that’s why. It’s got some stuff in it, I guess, to keep it- to keep it stuck in? I’m gonna do that. Oh, okay, it’s not tape, it’s just, like, ridiculous stuff that always gets stuck to your skin and never … Oh, now it’s stuck to my thing. I’m like …. Okay.

So the generic good old vibrator, little stand, I like these. I do like these. I don’t like when I can’t get it right and it falls out. But does it fit this one? Yes. So if it [inaudible 00:03:37]. So if you lost it, it works perfectly. They appear to be, you know, the same, just a different color. I mean, ignoring the tips for now, the bodies appear to be pretty much the same, same length, same width. Uh, and then we get to the tips. As you can see, will it focus? Yeah. The tips are different. This one is chunkier, it’s a bit bigger, it’s thicker at the top, seems more inflated.

This one’s longer. Works pretty well, trying to get in between bodies during penetrative penis and vagina sex. Because there, you haven’t got this, like, digging in on the mound. Um, I am curious to see how this one will do in action. I really am. Is this slightly charged? Okay. We can get into vibrations. It’s quite nice, actually. I like that you don’t really feel it down here. My biggest pet peeve, and I’ve mentioned before in reviews, is when you feel vibrations in the tip, and if you’ve got problems with your joints, if your hands hurt, if you’re oversensitive, uh, that can be really painful.

And I think it’s like the [inaudible 00:04:53], I have a really hard time, because it’s too much vibration for my hand. Yeah, pretty consistent all the way up, okay. Let’s go for the nose. I know this, that you’re supposed to try it on your nose or what have you. No, I don’t want to turn it into a sneezing fetish video. It’s quite strong still. I’m … like I’m gonna look back and find this was a casing or something. This isn’t he casing is it? I’m not just being silly. Because this is, like a little … not … so I’m just pulling it.

This is how I break the toy before I use it. I don’t know how I feel about this. Like this one, oh this one does it as well. Oh wow, I could break this. I’m not going to, but I could. Um, yeah, I didn’t realize, I thought this was just a plastic … it doesn’t want to focus, but I think [inaudible 00:06:01]. I didn’t realize it was going to be … feels a bit tacky, there was going to be a coating on it. I thought it was just going to be like this one. Yeah. Interesting. I don’t know if I like it, to be honest. I don’t know what material it is, don’t know how easy it is to clean.

And I’m just thinking, about past- the past review I’ve done. Now I’ve realized that, um, that could be a bit of a bugger to clean. This little dip down here. I guess the- the head attachment starts on, would be a bit of a bugger to clean. As again, very soft touch. It feels quite nice in the hand, it’s quite instinctive to grasp it. Um, the infinity and the circle design, I had problems with before. I still have problems with it. I like the simplicity of it, but I wish it could have been a bit bigger. I like that it is raised, and you can feel it.

So if I’m having sex, I need to, like, I generally know where things are most of the time. But there could be an opportunity for a bit of a bigger button space, considering how big it is. Um, particularly the on/off. It would be nice if it was a bit further away, because the amount of times, oh my God. The amount of times I have gone to press, like, the up/down button, or even the up button, I mean, it is not a massive space between them, and then I’ve turned the toy off. That really kills the moment.

Um, yeah, anyway, I’m going to stop comparing that. But on first appearances, I am very intrigued to try it out. I am very curious about the difference in sensation. Yeah, it kind of feels quite nice in comparison. Um, is that off now? Probably just my eyes, but I always feel like they’re vibrating. There is the … It kind of almost stops when you press against it. Oh wow, it does stop if you press against it. Did I break it? Is this a new thing? Wait, I’ve not found this with this one.

No, this one doesn’t do it. You can hear the motor going. Which probably isn’t good for it, so I’m going to stop doing it. But it doesn’t- that could be an issue during sex. Or I’m- I’m- I’m a full on, like, I like to get it right in there on my clit. I’m not- again, I’m not a hold it gently person. Sometimes I am. But when I really get into it, if I’m … have I just broken this? Ah, I mean, she says, I do need to charge it. This hasn’t been charged, right out of the box. It could just be that. Probably is that. It could just be a massive coincidence. I will, um, update when I do the full post if it does that.

But I’m curious to see if it does that when it’s fully charged. But it’s definitely a difference in vibration, into a … Now it describes it as … use it as my pointing tool. This is a softer intensity. So not 10, you’ve got the X, they just need to release an E, and then I can have S-E-X. That was a terrible joke. So you’ve got the- the X, which does say three, two, seven. And then you’ve got this one, which does 5 to 10, can’t really see.

So this one covers more for lower, this one covers more of the higher. Which I guess, it’s good. I am a power queen, generally, so I’m curious how this one works. I will do some research. And I will come back. And it has the one year warranty, which is good if you ever use it and break it. Like I have not done with this one, yet. Touch wood. I’m just gonna finish off with looking at what the hell is inside this, which is probably the same usual fair. We’ve got the charging stand. We should also have, ah, that slides fine.

The other thing, uh, that I love about these boxes, is these are the perfect size for storing things in. I’ve got so many, like, little … for my stock for random things, little craft bits. These are great to store things, I mean, they really are. I like using containers. I’m one of those people that’s like, but we could use this for something. Oh, we’ve got the little thing, where you pull it out … she says. My body’s not very happy today, we’ve done a lot. My chest really hurts, so any pressure hurts.

This is one of those things that we’ll break up in my next how to make toys successful post. When you have something you’re pulling out like this, a lot of it is kind of suctiony based. It’s a lot of pressure to exert if you’re someone that isn’t very strong or has a body that … there you go. Has a body that doesn’t want to, you know, behave. And we’ve got, bah, a card, okay. I’ve just got all the packaging on me here. This is, when you break it down a lot.

So in- in this, that was underneath, we have the cable if you can see that. Which I quite like how they’ve done that. Another cable, (laughs) I can’t tell you how many sex toy cables I have. I have so many. Okay? So many. Don’t forget to recycle your packaging. Um, I’m not sure what this is made from, foam substance. I will find out, I will post it all in my review on Got the classic, quite nice, bag. [inaudible 00:12:39] the sex toys come with these. I quite like them, although it does mean that I can’t see which toy is which, which is not useful when you have … I’m gonna say over 100 sex toys. Probably not an exaggeration, but, um …

But your little booklet, of how to use, join the pre- presu- presur- join the pleasure revolution. Oh, it has a lock feature. Did the previous one have a lock feature? I can’t remember. Again, I will post it. Um, but just want to … yeah. Just that many pages or lines of instructions, warnings, limited warranty, and disposal instructions. Ooh, um, oh, please don’t let me find what I don’t want to find. Oh, no, I found it. I found it. I didn’t want to find it. This is a whole ‘nother video in itself. The appliance is not to be used by children or persons with reduced physical sens- sensory or mental capacities.

I know it’s a legal thing. But me and this legal thing are going to have words soon. And then finally, we have your user guide. Locking, speed, intensity, charge, and waterproof. So, it’s in my memory, it’s been a year and a bit since I had the last one. Pretty much the same, I’m not gonna put these back in because they are the bane of my existence. But I- I like it. I knew I was gonna like it, you know, it’s the Zumio. I liked the first one. It’s holographic as well. I was gonna like the next one they put out. I’m curious to see how it’s gonna work with orgasms and sex. Um, I’m doubly curious to see if when I press down, it stops. I’m very curious about that.

And I don’t really know what else I could say. Other than I’m looking forward to testing it. And thank you for watching the unboxing and first impressions. If you like this video, um, this is all unfiltered. And the only edits I’ll be making is when I marked up all my words, which is often. If you liked this video, and you’d like me to do more unboxings, because I’ve got so many toys I need to review, and this gives me a –  a bit of a kick up the ass to do it, let me know, and I can post more unboxings or first impressions of sex toys and if they’ve got other ones, comparisons.

Until then, it rolled off. Please hit the subscribe button if you’d like to see more. Follow me on Twitter, all the social media things. That will be down in the description box. And have a read, and keep an eye on my blog, for when I post the full review. Have a good day. See you later.

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