Unboxing the Hot Octopuss Jett!

Today we're going to do another unboxing of a sex toy, the very shiny JETT by Hot Octopuss.7 min


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Hi, welcome to my channel. Today we’re going to do another unboxing of a sex toy, the very shiny JETT by Hot Octopuss. They kindly gave this to me in exchange for an honest and fair review. I thought today we’d just crack into some first impressions. I’ve been doing a few first impressions, because one, they’re a good way to kickstart my review process. That way I’ve got them out. It reminds me to take pictures of them. And two, I think it’s just nice for you guys to see the toy. I normally do posts, but I’m a bit more unfiltered in my videos. I edit my videos naturally, but I generally only edit the filler or the absolutely daft things I’m saying.

So, a little background. I have reviewed a few Hot Octopuss toys now. They’ve all been gifted to me, I think. No, I bought one of them, and then the other two have been gifted to me. I haven’t really gotten along with some of their toys. The last one, in particular, was I think one of the worst toys myself and my partner have tested in a while, to the point that it took out pubic hairs I think on both of us. So, I am very curious, and my fingers are crossed, of my first impressions of the JETT. Once again, I love the box. They have shiny boxes, what can I say? I’m a sucker for shiny boxes. It is a shiny thing that I cannot read. It’s treble and bass technology. As an all-time musician, I just want treble bass. Treble bass, I can’t draw it.

All right, shiny material that I can’t read. So, they have a patented treble and bass technology. JETT is a powerful ‘guybrator’. I think they have changed this to be more inclusive and non-binary. There is an option, which I love. I think that was the one thing that Hot Octopuss, it was very gendered, but they have changed that now, which is great. [inaudible 00:02:01] just below the tip of the penis. Designed to deliver an intense, hands-free orgasm, JETT’s flexible sleeve expands as you do, taking you effortlessly from flaccid to erect. I am curious about the sleeve, because a lot of their things are supposed to be really stretchy, and I can’t do them. Whilst the treble bullet emits powerful high-frequency waves, the bass bullet delivers deep, rumbly vibrations. Adjust the treble and bass to find your perfect frequency. Sounds cool.

That’s a little picture if you can see it. Shiny, shiny, you can see [inaudible 00:02:35] kind of. This is what it’s supposed to look like. I am intrigued. Again, the first time I’m seeing this, the first time we’re opening it. We have a Hot Octopuss little thing, instructions. Do you know what, I’ve got to say, these are my favourite ways, this is my favourite way to receive instructions? Nice big pictures, black and white, this is what you do. There you go. If you give me a booklet where I have to flip through it for instructions, probably not going to read them unless I look at the review. And then, we have the… I like it a little less in this format, but I think it’s just cost-saving.

So, we have a warranty. Pretty standard warranty. Is there anything… Made from skin-safe silicone, does not contain phthalates or latex. Use water-based lubricants only. Sold as an adult novelty. That’s a thing we have to do. Discontinue use if irritation and discomfort. To avoid injury or aggravating pre-existing skin conditions, do not use on swollen or inflamed or lacerated skin. No medical claims, warranty product. Yep. [inaudible 00:03:57] trademarks. Cool. I love Hot Octopuss as a brand. They have been I think the first brand to look at people with disabilities and medical conditions and go, “We can use this. We can make something that will help them.”

Because the original one, the Pulse, was made so that you can go from flaccid, and the type of motor, I forget, it’s quite [inaudible 00:04:23] and it’s quite hot. But it’s designed so people who are potentially paralyzed can have orgasms. And it’s brilliant. They [inaudible 00:04:32] and they’ve always been lovely to work with. So, I’m curious and I’m hopeful that this one gets along with me, or I get along with it. So, we have the controller, good old controller. I quite like it. Nice, big buttons. They could be bigger. But considering it’s a hard surface, I like that it’s raised. What’s this? Is this on and off? That could be bigger. You’ve got the really big up and down buttons. It could be nice to have a bigger button.

No batteries, so I’m going to have to source some. I don’t have any, so this is going to be first impressions just on what it’s like to play around it. So, you have then your two little bullets. I wonder if they’re safe enough to put in my vagina. I would experiment. And you have your two prongs to control the treble and the bass. This is where I break the toy. Wait, there we go. I got some silver bulls. And then, they slip in, slip. I’m really hoping they’re not massive, oh no, no, no, okay, not bad, not bad, not bad. Okay, that hurts a little, but generally pretty smooth to get. You don’t want it too loose. My partner would shove them in more.

My chest is a bit funky. I’ve got a bunch of medical conditions, if you didn’t know, one of them being my chest is never happy, so I try not to anger it. It’s like angering the gods. You never know what’s going to happen. You also have your lovely Hot Octopuss sashay. Sashay? Bag. I like these, I have lots of them, they’re great for travelling. Then this is what everything is nestled in, as you can see, in this box. So, it’s quite a good packaging to box ratio, as I’m now calling that a thing. I really want to look at this. So, we have the Hot Octopuss logo. There you can see, you’ve got your shiny, shiny balls. They’re not balls, but you know.

And you have your controller. They go into there. There we go. It’s pretty simple. I mean, I’m hoping it’s effective. I’m not going to turn it on and buzz it right now, because I do not know where the batteries are. But I want to look at this. This is what worries me. See, it says you get from flaccid to hard, and you can have a hands-free orgasm. That’s not bad. That’s not a lot of strength. It looks a bit weak on the sides because I guess there’s more material up here. As you can see, it looks a bit weak down there. I guess not weak, it’s just that’s where it is the thinnest.

So I guess that’s where you get your most pull from. I’m not going to pull it until I think I can break it, but I think, this is not breaking, but my partner has a fairly big penis. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind me saying. Oh, is that broken? I don’t think I broke it. I’m pretty sure I didn’t break it. Okay, can you see? It’s there. I don’t know how well you can see. But there is a break in the silicone. Everywhere else seems fine. Yeah, I broke it? I don’t know if it was already broken, but I’ve only just noticed it. You can’t see it when you haven’t got the balls, not balls, the bullets.

Jesus Christ, that hurts. You can’t see it when there are no bullets in there. Basically, it’s just a silicone sleeve. But when you start to, I’m hoping this shows up, I can’t really see. There, viewfinder. When you start to do that, you can kind of see the split. This could be a design feature, and I’m just completely being silly right now. Yeah, I might email them. I will still test this one out. But I’m worried it will affect the integrity of it, just for longevity. See, that’s the thing, it’s quiet, you’ve got very decent points of thickness, and then you’ve got points of thinness. That’s probably to give the stretch.

But then you also got the problem of it kind of splitting. So, I’ll review it. I’ll give it a good review. I’ll email the guys at Hot Octopuss, and go, “Hey, sorry, don’t think it was me. Took it at first impressions, I noticed a rip in the latex.” Not latex, I’m still saying latex, a rip in the silicone. Yeah, I mean, I’m happy using it. Foam silicone? [inaudible 00:10:14] So, it should be fine. I say this, it’s a worry when it comes to cleaning. So, when you have any rips like that, I don’t think you can ever guarantee that you’re going to get them 100% clean, and that’s considering my body hates life, would be my only worry, is if we got something in there, it didn’t get cleaned, passed to me.

So, that’s my main worry when these things are broken, than anything else. So, I’ll give them an email. But yeah, I like, I can fit them in okay, it’s probably a job for my partner. This is quite stretchy, but it’s nowhere near as tough as the last cock ring, which I like. I like that you’ve got the weaker points, to be fair, because it might allow the vibration treble through there more. I’m curious, and I guess you’ve got the little frenulum tip there. I like the design, I think it’s really cool. I’ve always liked the design. It feels a bit classic and timeless, the way that Hot Octopuss design their toys. And I love that, and I’ve lost the, here it is. But I’m going to pack this away so I can take some pictures of it because that’s one thing I have not done yet.

Normally I do pictures, and then I take pictures, lots of pictures, and then I’ll look at the toy itself for a quick overview. I don’t really fiddle whilst I’m taking pictures. And then, I’ll get around to properly reviewing it, so I’ll play with it lots, and lots, and lots. And then, it takes me however long to do a review. I am going to write something or talk about my reviewing process because it’s a little different when you’re chronically ill. I’d love to review all the toys I can, but unfortunately, my body. One ball hanging out. I’m going to leave it like that. It’s quite late. Unfortunately, my body doesn’t work to a review schedule.

My aim is by doing a quick review, first impressions of the toys that I’ve released, that it’s a good overview, it’s good first impressions, because that’s what it is, and it can go from there with a really more in-depth review, [inaudible 00:12:47] and everything, and looking at it more closely. And let’s hope I don’t break them all in the process, okay? Cool. So, I have looked today personally, I have looked today at the Solo, the Axis, and the JETT. The other day I looked at the Zumio. I’m still, to be honest, looking at the Zumio as the most interesting, closely followed by the Axis.

I’m going to be honest, the JETT fills me with apprehension. We’re both a bit scorned, like I said, from the last toy. I really want it to work, I really want it to work, but I’m going to be cautiously optimistic. That’s going to be my, cautiously optimistic about the JETT. As with all things when you make them, you don’t know if it’s a thing that’s just happened, you don’t know if it’s a common fault between them, and unless they know, they can’t really make it better. That’s how I take my reviews half the time when I’m reviewing them. It’s like, well, it’s good to know these things because that’s how you improve.

It’s like I’ve recently received my third pin badge, my third enamel pin badge, and the differences from the first to the third are astounding. I’ve learned as I’ve gone. And that’s the same when you make anything, you learn as you go. So, I’m excited to try it out, kind of. Cautiously optimistic. So, I’m excited to try all these toys out, and I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to having all the orgasms, or all sensations. There will be a link down below when the review is live. Have a good day, night, evening, wherever you are, and I will see you soon.

You can purchase the Hot Octopuss Jett here

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