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    Finding Your Worth When Dating With a Disability

    Finding Your Worth When Dating With a Disability Dating can be awkward enough as it is—but when you throw a disability into the mix, things can get more than a little complicated. When I became chronically ill at the age of 16, I didn’t fully grasp the ways that my disabilities would touch every aspect of my life, including dating.…

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    Pain and Pleasure in Pregnant Disability

    Pain and Pleasure in Pregnant Disability Pregnancy was a strange, surreal experience for me. As an autistic person with a history of body dysmorphia and disassociation, I hadn’t ever been on familiar terms with my own body. Pregnancy amplified this feeling many times over. My body felt unknown, unpredictable, and not my own. During my second pregnancy, I became disabled.…

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    Lingerie and Autism

    When you are on the Autistic spectrum, however, things become a little bit more complicated, especially when it comes to clothing and a state of undress.

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    Adjusting to My Sexual Body with an Ostomy

    I knew from an early age that it was a possibility, but nothing could have prepared me for waking up from surgery with an ileostomy*. I spent a total of one month in the hospital, and it took nearly two months before I could independently walk and care for myself again. This was a massive shift for me, as I…

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    5 Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Masturbation Time

    Let's talk about masturbation. The majority of us do it, yet it's still a hugely taboo topic that we don't tend to talk about openly and freely. Having sex with others is cool but the concept of spending time making ourselves feel good? Heck no! Although over the years, especially with the rise of online influencers and brands bringing sex…

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    Vaginismus and I

    I was sixteen, with my first partner, and terrified. There was no objective reason; My partner was loving and we had both mutually agreed the time was right, we’d done the research, had the equipment, and even secured time without my parents at home. The internet was a great ally. ‘Is your first time painful?’