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    5 Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Masturbation Time

    Let's talk about masturbation. The majority of us do it, yet it's still a hugely taboo topic that we don't tend to talk about openly and freely. Having sex with others is cool but the concept of spending time making ourselves feel good? Heck no! Although over the years, especially with the rise of online influencers and brands bringing sex…

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    How COVID19 is affecting my sex life.

    I started 2020 anxiety-ridden. I shut away my sexuality in a box and was in a constant state of panic. However, a few weeks ago, I evolved from being a ball of anxiety to fucking my partner every chance I got. It’s been one hell of a mindfuck, especially as it’s usually my physical health that gets in the way…

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    I’ve Stopped Masturbating: Week 4

    If you told me five years ago that in 2020 I’d stop masturbating, and stop feeling like I had to masturbate, I would have laughed in your face. If you’d have told me three years ago that by stopping masturbating, I’d have more orgasms, I’d have spent an hour trying to work out the logic behind that. If you’d have…

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    I’ve Stopped Masturbating: Week 1

    Even if I wanted to masturbate this week, there was no absolutely way it was going to happen. There’s been a heavy fog over me this past week, and we all know why that is. *heavy sigh* To combat the fog (different from my ‘normal’ exhaustion fog) I’ve been pushing back at it by keeping my body and mind busy…

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    I’m scared to masturbate.

    First off, whilst there was a period of body enforced orgasm denial, I'm happy to report it's at an end! Since my last post, my body cooperated enough to have sex, and 2 blissful orgasms. Unsurprisingly, I also spent the rest of the day recovering. Now, let's dive into the apparent mental orgasm denial I've gotten myself into.Here's the thing,…

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    Relearning how to masturbate.

    Just before falling from the precipice of orgasm there’s a single minded focus that comes from the build up of pleasure that is both delightful, and frantic. The holding of breath, tensing of muscles, and urgency of movement is because your body takes over, whilst the mind shuts down. The pleasure demands to be fulfilled through release.