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    Buying Sex Toys 3: Types of Toys

    There are a plethora of sex toys to choose from nowadays, and when you think about just how many there are it’s kind of intimidating. I’ve covered buying sex toys, and I've also covered the materials sex toys can be made from, but this time we’re going to discuss the different types of sex toys available to purchase.

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    8 Tips to Have Sex with POTs – POTs and Sex Positions

    The lighted headiness, the loss of balance, the blackouts, and moments of confusion. If you suffer from postural tachycardia as I do, then you know these symptoms can occur during the most inconvenient times. One of these moments is during sex sometimes, leading to a moment of slight embarrassments. At times I’ve laid in bed and jokingly said to my…

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    How To Navigate Sex With an Anxiety Disorder

    Sex is supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be a way to switch off and forget about the problems in your life whilst you spend some time wrapped up and lost in someone else, the sensations and the pleasure. It's supposed to get you out of your own head for a while. But when you suffer from an anxiety…

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    Bondara: 10 Under £10

    Bondara is a popular site that is full of low-cost sex toys, lubricants, fetish gear, books, outfits, and more, which means that I've just found a bunch of stocking stuffers for my partner!

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    Honour: 10 Under £10

    Honour is a site primarily dedicated to fetish wear (latex, PVC, lingerie, and wet look), shoes, bondage and fetish gear. They also have a selection of sex toys, mostly unbranded.  Unfortunately, a lot of the listings don't contain vital information - such as the ingredients in various massage oils, or toy cleaners, or lubes. So, this 10 stocking fillers under…