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    Adjusting to My Sexual Body with an Ostomy

    I knew from an early age that it was a possibility, but nothing could have prepared me for waking up from surgery with an ileostomy*. I spent a total of one month in the hospital, and it took nearly two months before I could independently walk and care for myself again. This was a massive shift for me, as I…

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    Vaginismus and I

    I was sixteen, with my first partner, and terrified. There was no objective reason; My partner was loving and we had both mutually agreed the time was right, we’d done the research, had the equipment, and even secured time without my parents at home. The internet was a great ally. ‘Is your first time painful?’

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    Kink & Chronic Pain

    I’d estimate that I’m in pain about 80% of the time. I have hypermobile joints that often end up out of place, meaning that I spend the majority of my waking hours experiencing at least one nagging ache, if not multiple aches of varying severity. On my worst days, I struggle to walk normally, I can’t open bottles or undo…

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    What do you do when you've researched, fact checked, read reviews, and done your deciding, only to find out that your well researched choice was almost the worst possible choice? Well, for starters, you do everything you can not to die. Then you take all of that guilt and self loathing and you chuck it out the window because it…

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    An orgasm a day triggers a flare.*

    I had sex on Wednesday. It was the type of sex where you just fall into it. It starts with some kissing, a little fondling and the next thing you know, you need to fuck. You don't care what happens to your body, you just know that there's a deep, visceral need to fuck. ... can someone tell past me…