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    2020, the year I stop masturbating.

    I've had a bit of a revelation. So, let’s talk about my relationship with masturbation. I like orgasms. I really like them. However, because my body is complicated having an orgasm isn’t straightforward. Orgasms cause pain, exhaustion, and occasionally these effects that last for weeks. I really wish I was joking, but I’m not. Orgasming can truly fuck me up,…

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    5 Ways to Feel Attractive During a Symptom Flare

    Aka, “I’m experimenting with ways to make myself feel moderately human again.” I feel rotten. I don’t feel attractive, and I definitely don’t feel sexy. Last night, I told that to my partner. He’s a good egg. He reassured me I’m still attractive, and had my hips been willing he would have definitely had sex with me. But, my brain isn’t quite…

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    Let’s Talk Sex and Disability

    Let’s Talk Sex and Disability What I want to do, and what my disability allows me to do are two very different things. Let’s talk about sex and disability. When you put me down on paper there are a million and one things I physically can’t do – my body just doesn’t function like the stereotypical ‘normal’. Like I mentioned in my…