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    Kink & Chronic Pain

    I’d estimate that I’m in pain about 80% of the time. I have hypermobile joints that often end up out of place, meaning that I spend the majority of my waking hours experiencing at least one nagging ache, if not multiple aches of varying severity. On my worst days, I struggle to walk normally, I can’t open bottles or undo…

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    Relearning how to masturbate.

    Just before falling from the precipice of orgasm there’s a single minded focus that comes from the build up of pleasure that is both delightful, and frantic. The holding of breath, tensing of muscles, and urgency of movement is because your body takes over, whilst the mind shuts down. The pleasure demands to be fulfilled through release.

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    Sometimes Sex Hurts

    Sometimes sex hurts.  It would be really remiss of me to write about sex toys, sex, and sexuality, without including the realities of sex. Sometimes sex hurts, whether that’s because you don’t get on with position, a part of your anatomy is playing up – depending on the time of the month of the cervix will sit lower or higher…

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    Let’s Talk Sex and Disability

    Let’s Talk Sex and Disability What I want to do, and what my disability allows me to do are two very different things. Let’s talk about sex and disability. When you put me down on paper there are a million and one things I physically can’t do – my body just doesn’t function like the stereotypical ‘normal’. Like I mentioned in my…