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    What do you do when you've researched, fact checked, read reviews, and done your deciding, only to find out that your well researched choice was almost the worst possible choice? Well, for starters, you do everything you can not to die. Then you take all of that guilt and self loathing and you chuck it out the window because it…

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    Nexplanon Removal – IT FINALLY HAPPENED!

    After exchanging the typical British social niceties, ‘we wear masks now/the weather/sorry for the wait’, the doctor ran through the reasons for getting the implant out. Mine were: two stone weight gain, nightmares which increase in frequency and intensity before my period, hormonal acne, worsening of all current symptoms since the Nexplanon implant went in, and pain from the implantation…

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    Don’t brush off my ovulation pain.

    Don’t brush off my ovulation pain. Part 1 of my experiences with the medical system, and hormonal health. It’s not a sharp pain, not usually. It’s an aching gnawing pain that makes me press my hand to my stomach. In February, I was told that this was perfectly normal. The gynaecologist said that to my face, she said that it’s…