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    Hot Octopuss Jett Review

    I was apprehensive to test out the Hot Octopuss Jett due to my history with previous Hot Octopuss toys - not the Pocket Pulse. Each time I've been looking forward to testing the toy and each time my expectations haven't been met, at all. Will this time be different?

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    Hot Octopuss DiGit – do I hate it or love it?

    Oh, Hot Octopuss DiGit, what have you done to me? I want to start off by saying I like Hot Octopuss as a company. I feel I need to say this because with nearly every single one of the toys I reviewed (with the odd exception), I’ve been a bit brutal – and unfortunately this review isn’t an exception.

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    Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS Cock Ring 

    We huffed, and we puffed, and we pulled some hairs out.  Let's dive right in. Guys, you do not know how many times I've had to apologise to my partner about this toy. I’ve lost count, I’ve even apologised to his cock. It’s that serious. I love his cock, and I don’t want any harm to come to it, but…