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    Nexplanon Removal – IT FINALLY HAPPENED!

    After exchanging the typical British social niceties, ‘we wear masks now/the weather/sorry for the wait’, the doctor ran through the reasons for getting the implant out. Mine were: two stone weight gain, nightmares which increase in frequency and intensity before my period, hormonal acne, worsening of all current symptoms since the Nexplanon implant went in, and pain from the implantation…

  • Contraception,  Hormones

    The Nexplanon Implant Still Sucks

    At the beginning of October 2019, I got the Nexplanon implant. It wasn’t completely unwillingly, it had been discussed, however, I did not want it. The only reason I agreed to it was that I knew I’d be seen as a ‘troublemaker’ if I didn’t try it again before more extreme treatment. That’s the reality of birth control. If you…