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    An orgasm a day triggers a flare.*

    I had sex on Wednesday. It was the type of sex where you just fall into it. It starts with some kissing, a little fondling and the next thing you know, you need to fuck. You don't care what happens to your body, you just know that there's a deep, visceral need to fuck. ... can someone tell past me…

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    We keep missing each other.

    Our libidos don't often match up. Sometimes he's horny, and I'm not in the mood, or my body is protesting - the joys of chronic illness. Sometimes I'm horny, and he's exhausted, busy, or isn't in the right headspace.

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    How My Partner Helps with My Job

    How My Partner Helps with My Job Being a clip producer isn’t exactly physically demanding … for most people. As always, I’m not most people. As I mention in this post I can’t put on the intricate lingerie needed for my job by myself, but that’s not all. Nowadays, half of my feet are numb, and this means I’m essentially…