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    5 Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Masturbation Time

    Let's talk about masturbation. The majority of us do it, yet it's still a hugely taboo topic that we don't tend to talk about openly and freely. Having sex with others is cool but the concept of spending time making ourselves feel good? Heck no! Although over the years, especially with the rise of online influencers and brands bringing sex…

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    Putting the person back in personal care.

    Over the years I’ve had a number of different treatments, some superficial – nails, eyebrows, and some cosmetic – Dermapen, and laser hair removal. However, I got rather ill in late 2017, and since then my beauty routine has changed out of necessity. I can’t to do a lot of the things are used to be able to and that…

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    Relearning how to masturbate.

    Just before falling from the precipice of orgasm there’s a single minded focus that comes from the build up of pleasure that is both delightful, and frantic. The holding of breath, tensing of muscles, and urgency of movement is because your body takes over, whilst the mind shuts down. The pleasure demands to be fulfilled through release.