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    Zumio S Review

    When I first opened the box and saw the Zumio S nestled in its case, I was very confused. It looks like it was on already, but it wasn’t. Then I thought it had a case on it, but it didn’t. Finally, I realised it a silicone coating, and it’s meant to stay on the toy. If you want to…

  • Reviews,  Sex Toy Reviews

    Zumio X – Purple Power that Packs a Punch

    Zumio X – Purple Power that Packs a Punch   Packaging The outer sleeve of the Zumio X is holographic. Need I say more?  The contrast of the white box against the purple text makes for an easy read, and the choice of font and size allows for easy comprehension.  To get the Zumio X out you don’t need to…